At Cumbria Computer Repairs we have great experience in repairing all types of faults with computers, laptops and Macs. However, we don’t just offer a comprehensive repair service but also a full Windows installation service. We can install the latest version of Windows on your PC or laptop in no time at all.

Why You Might Need a New Windows Installation
There are a few reasons why you might want a new installation of Windows. One common reason is that you might have bought a new PC, from eBay for example, that didn’t come with any operating system installed. Another reason might be that your computer has become infected with a virus or spyware that’s causing multiple errors. Installing Windows again will nearly always clear these types of problems.

Also a very common reason for installing Windows is when you want to upgrade to the latest version. Upgrading to the latest version of Windows will ensure that everything works optimally and you have access to all the newest features.

Our Windows Installation Service
There are several key benefits to hiring us to install Windows rather than doing it yourself. The following are part of our Windows installation service:

  • We can clone your current version of Windows so there’s no loss of data
  • Make sure all drivers are updated
  • Check the health of your hard drive and memory
  • Installation of any additional software that you provide
  • Installation of Adobe Reader and Flash Player
  • Installation of any freely available software such as iTunes, Spotify, Skype etc.
  • Installation of any web browsers
  • Ensuring that your internet and computer security is up-to-date so you’re not at risk of viruses or other malicious software
  • Clearing any temporary files
  • Ensuring your computer is optimised for the best performance possible
  • Do a full clean of your computer inside and out to ensure there’s no dust that can lead to overheating

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    Collect, Repair and Return

    We call at your home or business and unplug your computer, take it back to our workshop and carry out the repair on it. Once the repair is complete, we’ll return your computer and plug it back in for you.

    Drop Off and Collect

    You can bring your computer to our workshop and leave it with us. We'll repair it and give you a call or email to let you know your computer is ready to be collected.

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