Protect & Prevent

Protect & Prevent is a managed maintenance plan for your computer, Which lets us take care of the daily maintenance on your computer and lets you get on with using it without having to worry about installing updates, making sure your antivirus is updated, and you have a working backup system working so data loss does not happen should the worst happen.

A few things we can monitor with the plan

  • Making sure your Antivirus/Internet Security is up-to-date and providing protection (with our managed antivirus for the best results).
  • Alerts of possible hard drive failures.
  • Making sure Updating Windows and third-party software are being installed to keep you safe on the Internet.
  • Running maintenance on a regular basic to keep your computer running at its optimum performance.
  • Ensure your backup system is fully working.

We are notified normally within 15 minutes of a problem. We can than arrange a time to fix the issue if we need to connect to the computer via remote support. Or can arrange for it to be dropped off at the workshop or even come to you.

For more information please contact is on 01228 576090, 07742 444601 or email

To view our Terms & Conditions for Managed Security click here.