Tech Help for New Year’s Resolutions

Making New Year’s resolutions is a familiar habit in the Western world. Many people make resolutions relating to their physical or mental health. Fortunately, in our digital world, technology can help make resolutions more attainable.

First, a few fun facts about resolutions. Did you know:

  • The habit of making resolutions began about 4,000 years ago? The Babylonians used their new year festival to set goals to keep their good standing with the gods.
  • In Roman times, farmers were told to begin each year with an “auspicious gesture.”
  • More recently, a study found only eight percent of people keep their resolutions.

Twitter did a survey of the most common resolutions of 2017, and top ones included:

  • diet, exercise, and lose weight
  • get more sleep;
  • learn something new;
  • read more;
  • be nicer, kinder, and more patient.

The good news? If you set any of these as your resolutions, technology you already have can help!

Tech Tips for Resolutions

Let’s start with trying to change fitness or eating habits. There are an abundance of apps available for that for your phone or your computer. You might try:

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