What an MSP Does and Doesn’t Do

Managed service providers (MSPs) pride themselves on high levels of support. Yet, there are some things we can do and others we can't. Laundry and grocery shopping come to mind for the latter. But, more seriously, this article will explain what an MSP does and doesn't do. Your business faces many challenges today. You're managing budget and employe...
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A Good Internal IT Person Is Hard to Find

Technology is everywhere, yet we don't always understand it. When things go wrong or get challenging, we turn to IT Services for help, but it's becoming difficult for businesses to hire internal IT support staff. Here's why and what to do about it.  The IT talent shortage has been an issue for more than a decade. A majority (56%) of leaders gl...
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IT Problems Your Managed Service Provider Can Solve

Unlike quick-fix IT relationships, a managed service provider isn't there just to solve short-term problems and leave. Your managed service provider is your IT's mountain Sherpa, there to guide your business through the ever-changing technology landscape.

Like a mountain guide, your managed service provider gives you a detailed route that will help your business climb to new heights. The secret to a great business is avoiding the pitfalls, dead-ends, and traps inherent in bad IT.

Removing IT Worries

in business presents both new solutions and new problems too. We are more
efficient and more productive today than we've ever been before. On the other
hand, we are also more vulnerable and more exposed to malware and hackers than
in previous years too.

hacks of large firms are in the news almost daily, they affect millions of
customers worldwide, and even large firms seem to struggle with the fallout
incurred after a major breach. Our number one priority is ensuring that the
customers, suppliers, and business partners of our businesses can rest at ease.

We remove
your IT worries, secure your data, and keep your systems safe so you can focus
solely on your business. Our methods let you return to the passion which makes
your business great while sleeping soundly at night knowing your systems are in
good hands.

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Prevent Data Silos for Business Success

The volume of data in the world was predicted by International Data Group to reach 59 zettabytes this year, and one big problem with the explosion of data created, captured, copied, and consumed in the world is data silos. Fortunately, there are ways to prevent data silos from slowing your business success.

Need a better idea of IDG’s predicted 59 zettabytes? That's equivalent to filling a one-terabyte hard drive, every day, for about 161 million years. The rapid growth of data is not slowing either. Next year, the amount of data is expected to reach 74 zettabytes, and by 2023, this year’s number will have doubled to 118 zettabytes.

Data is a business driver today. Different departments are making decisions based on the data they collect. But that’s the very problem: “different departments.” When the team, business unit, or department keeps its data internally it creates silos.

There are many problems with data silos. These include:

  • Overlapping but inconsistent data is collected separately.
  • Gleaning actionable insights is challenging.
  • Barriers to a holistic view of opportunities or threats are created.
  • Resources are wasted learning from data analyzed through a narrow lens.

Think about it from the perspective of higher education. One campus has admissions, retention, health and wellness, student life, academics, and more; and students interact with any number of those. But if these groups don’t share information, an at-risk student could slip through the cracks. In business, data silos put innovation and growth opportunities at risk.

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