Outsourced Help Desk for Accountants

Accountants are experts at surviving the “busy season.” Tax accountants, for instance, are slammed as annual deadlines draw near. There are slow times, too, but during crazy times, the last thing an accountant wants is essential tech going down.

A broken computer or server downtime can be devastating. Say it’s a few days before a tax deadline, and the accountant logs into an essential tax preparation application and sees a blank screen: the system is down, and they can’t get in. It’s the kind of crisis that more cups of coffee can’t handle.

In the United States in 2018, the Internal Revenue Service’s website crashed on April 17, Tax Day. Since many people had waited until the last minute to submit their tax returns, this single day of downtime is estimated to have cost millions. It’s a clear example of the damage even a day of server downtime or other type of outage can cost a business and, in this case, one that business accountants can relate to!

If the firm takes a break-fix approach to its technology needs, the answer will be to call in an expert. This could mean hours on the phone with an IT helpline only to find out the problem is with another service provider. Or it could mean trying to reach someone to come out and check the network only to get on their calendar in the next available spot.

Deadlines are looming, and you are spending time on IT woes? It’s a disaster.

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Why Managed Services Make Your Life Easier

That smile of relief when we fix someone’s technology is a gift of doing IT service. When we get a call out, we’re happy to go out (or log in remotely) to fix what’s broken. We enjoy getting our customers back up and running quickly. Who said saving the day is only for superheroes, right?

Still, as much as we get a boost out of being the hero, we’d rather our clients’ systems didn’t go down in the first place.

How can we make that happen? By adding you to our managed services client roster. So, what does managed services mean?

Fixing things when they break is reactive, whereas managed services are more proactive. It involves:

  • ongoing monitoring;
  • handling system patches;
  • managing software updates, virus scans, and keeping malware current;
  • checking hard drive health to help catch issues in advance;
  • tuning up your technology;
  • setting up new devices, printers, networks, and systems.

As your managed service provider, we get to know not only what’s gone wrong but also find out your goals and objectives. Understanding what your needs are, we can suggest the technology that best serves you. Plus, we might be able to help you find discounts on new software or cut costs for your home office. After all, we can identify where you are duplicating licenses or paying for more than you need.

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Building a Good Relationship with your Managed Service Provider

Good relationships are essential to your business success. Connections
with customers, clients, vendors, suppliers, and service providers impact your
bottom line. Here’s how to develop a strong relationship with your Managed
Service Provider (MSP).

Your MSP manages your IT and protects your end-user systems for a
consistent subscription fee. Businesses partner with MSPs to:

  • Improve efficiency and flexibility
  • Enhance security and compliance
  • Take a proactive approach to system maintenance 
  • Reduce costs and enjoy predictable pricing
  • Gain access to new technologies

Along with overseeing smooth IT operations, the MSP’s experts can
advise and consult. The following strategies can help you build a good
relationship with your MSP.

Open the Lines of Communication

Transparency in the relationship can make a big difference. With a
deeper knowledge of your needs, the MSP can better plan your technology
solutions. Communicate goals and the direction you want to take your business.
This lets the MSP collaborate to enhance your IT capabilities.

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MSP Facts: Common Managed Service Myths — Busted

Managed Service Providers (MSPs) are not the stuff of legends like minotaurs and unicorns. Yet there are many common myths around managed services. These can cloud understanding of an MSP’s true value. Consider the facts to decide whether partnering with a third-party IT vendor is right for you.

There are many common myths around managed services.

Myth #1: MSPs don’t understand our

Not every MSP will understand your business, that’s correct. But not
every MSP is the same. The right MSP examines your existing infrastructure and
workflows. They'll also meet with your people to understand their needs. 

Hiring a MSP adds IT experts who can make specific technology
recommendations. Meanwhile, your in-house IT team can focus on driving growth.

Myth #2: Outsourcing to a MSP is too

Take a look at your IT budget today. Internal IT costs are typically
high and often unpredictable. Managed services help you stay on top of your IT
costs. Your business pays a simple, manageable monthly or quarterly fee. This
makes IT operating expenses easier to budget.

MSPs also provide long-term cost savings by:

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What Computer Repair Can Be Done Remotely?

There are many problems with isolation. We don’t want to get you started. We know it’s true, but one issue we can help with is computer repair. Yes, there are problems with your home devices that we can address remotely.

Perhaps before sheltering in place you were willing to make do, or you're only facing challenges now. You're working at home, kids are online learning, and you're sharing the same computer.

You need to remain connected to the world and continue working, but you don’t want someone to come into your house to check your computer, and you’re not keen on going out to wait in line at a computer repair shop. Fortunately, with technology today, it’s much easier for IT experts to resolve computer issues remotely.

There are many common computer issues that we can help address remotely.

Remote Repair of Home Computers

There are many common computer issues that we can help address remotely. We’ll start out by sending you a link to download a tool that gives us remote access and control of your computer. Please know that we value our customers’ privacy. Even with this tool, we’ll still be able to access the computer only when you allow us to.

Now, what can we do once we have eyes on your computer from our remote location? Many things.

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Need a Second Opinion? IT Support for Your Home

The majority of homes today have at least one computer, and that’s unlikely to be the full extent of the technology. Everyone has a smartphone, and there may be streaming devices, modems, routers, or printers, and – we’re guessing here – lots and lots of power cords! When something goes awry with any of this tech, homeowners can feel stuck. In an office setting, there’s the IT support desk, but at home, you could be relying on Google search, YouTube videos, and the efforts of a digital-native teen. Talking with IT experts well versed in residential technology issues can help.

Who can you call on for home IT support?

An IT Expert for Your Home

As with doctors, it can be worthwhile to get a second opinion. Having an IT expert for your home can save you money and prevent disasters. With an IT guru on speed dial, you can make smart decisions for buying, repairing, and upgrading tech.

Unfortunately, there are a lot of unscrupulous computer businesses out there. They will take advantage of a buyer’s lack of knowledge about all things tech. Doing your own research is great, but it can get overwhelming. A search for a Wi-Fi-enabled, Mac-compatible printer nets hundreds of options, rankings, and reviews.

You try to evaluate a laptop or printer on function, quality, and price, but all these other elements get mentioned. You don’t even know what they mean! How can you ask the right questions? An IT expert can narrow the field and make recommendations based on your needs. You don’t have to wonder what that salesperson is not telling you.

Maybe you usually go to a big-box store to buy your technology. Yes, they can have good deals, but often there’s a reason that laptop is so cheap or that printer is such a great deal. These temptingly priced technologies can be just too slow to do the job, or they’ll break down sooner. Or that astounding deal on a color printer is going to backfire on you down the road because the cost of the ink is crazy!

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