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Cloud technology
has grown to new heights in recent years. Ten years ago 'the cloud' was jargon
almost nobody was aware of, today it is a phrase used almost daily in offices
worldwide.  More and more businesses today are taking advantage of the huge
benefits cloud services have to offer.

The sudden and widespread adoption of this new technology has raised questions too.  Some want to fully understand what the cloud is before committing their vital company data to it.  Most want to find out what the cloud can do for them. Everyone wants to know, is it safe?

secure cloud
More businesses are taking advantage of the huge benefits cloud services have to offer.

What Is The Cloud?

The Cloud is an
abstract name for an engineering principle that allows you to store, retrieve,
and work on your data without worrying about the specifics of precisely where
or how it is kept.  Storing your data on the cloud essentially means saving it
on a server without worrying about the fine details.

Your data may be
stored on a single computer, or distributed across multiple servers all around
the world.  Most often it's stored across one or more data centers as close as
possible to your physical location.

From the
perspective of the end user, the big idea behind the cloud is that where data
is stored ultimately doesn't matter to you.  Your cloud server takes care of
retrieving your data as quickly and efficiently as possible.

With cloud
technology, you are free to forget about the specifics and worry only about the
bigger picture.

Safety In The Cloud

Many people are
concerned by the idea of their confidential data being distributed worldwide. 
Often, people imagine small unguarded computers being responsible for vital
company information.  In a cloud setting, almost nothing could be further from
the truth.

The reality is
more like many hundreds, or thousands, of computers stacked up multiple stories
in height.  Data centers make storing and securing data their entire business,
meaning they employ high-level cybersecurity and back it up with top of the
line physical security too.

Today, digital
assets are treated with security previously used only for cash, or precious
metals such as silver and gold.  Walled compounds, security gates, guards, and
CCTV protect physical servers from unwanted access.  Redundant power supplies
even protect services against unplanned outages.

A modern data
center is many times more secure than an office server in your own building. 
The difference could be compared to storing your cash in a highly secured bank
vault versus a lock box on your desk.

State of the art
digital security encrypts data, secures transmission, and monitors services for
intrusion too.

Cloud Convenience

Storing data in
the cloud means having easy access and very regular backups.  Staff across the
entire firm can work on documents at the same time, save files, and transfer
documents without worrying about redundant copies and saving over previous versions.  

The cloud acts,
for your firm, as the ultimate productivity and security tool.  Many firms
haven't known they needed it until they started using it.

User Security

The most
significant threat to your cloud security comes from the users.  Creating a
weak password or reusing an old one to access your cloud services, opens up
your data to easy access by hackers.

Falling for a
phishing scam, or accidentally installing malicious software on your computer
gives attackers the single opportunity they need to strike.

Attacking a
fortified, secure data center is almost impossible.  Attacking a user with
common attacks and weak passwords is comparatively simple.  These issues can be
guarded against and prevented with staff training, awareness, and simple security
tools.  A simple password manager can guard against a large number of the
biggest threats to your firm.

In today's modern
tech environment, the cloud is not only safe, it's very likely the safest, most
reliable, and most secure way to store your critical data.

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