Invest Well in Your IT Security

"If it ain't broke, don't fix it" is a common and useful rule for many business owners.  It serves to protect your business against unnecessary costs and unneeded downtime.  While protecting your business against many types of danger, it poses an outright threat when it comes to IT security.  

Security threats
to your firm move so fast that your IT should be working twice as hard as your
company just to keep up.  Every day, hundreds of thousands of new malware
threats are released.  Falling even hours behind means any one of these attacks
can threaten your business.

The single most
dangerous thing IT security can do is stand still.  Keeping up with the latest
advice, technology, and updates the security industry offers is vital to keep
your business safe.  This makes up much of the unseen job of IT professionals. 
Hackers never stop looking for new ways into your system, which means your
security can't stop looking for ways to keep them out.

Modern Systems for Modern Business

One of the most
common security threats a business opens itself to is using an outdated
operating system or software package.  Many firms are scared to upgrade,
update, or renew their IT over fears of breaking legacy systems.  Many rely
heavily on old software and are afraid to make a large change themselves.  Some
businesses today still run machines on Windows XP, an operating system first
released back in 2001.

Old operating
systems stop receiving security updates and patches that protect against newly
released attacks.  These systems become very vulnerable, presenting a large
target for knowledgeable hackers.  This happens many years after newer versions
have been released, giving knowing IT firms a chance to migrate safely.

Hackers are always
on the lookout for businesses that run IT equipment outside of its suggested
service life.  A server, desktop computer, or peripheral is a golden
opportunity for criminals to enter and threaten a business.

Hackers purchase
their attacks on the dark web, safe in the knowledge that old systems won't be
patched.  These attacks can then be used to attack unguarded firms to steal or
compromise vital company data.

An unpatched old
machine is like a valuable security door left propped open overnight, a golden
opportunity for thieves.

Smart Budgets

Budgeting for
business is a difficult task.  We aim to make the most of everything we spend
and reduce spending as much as we can.  IT security can easily fall very far
down the list of priorities.

IT can seem like
an easy way to cut costs.  It's a department that the customer doesn't always
benefit from directly, and when it's working well, it might not be on the radar
at all. Despite working largely behind the scenes, successful IT is one of the
critical components of every highly successful firm. Good IT can be the binding
glue that holds the company together.

Even businesses
far removed from the IT world typically uses payment machines, ordering
systems, and inventory.  Even restaurants and retail stores rely on computers
to operate.  Downtime for any critical system can be a complete disaster.  A
business can be unable to trade, and costs can mount up fast.

When vital IT
components are used by the customer, a sales website, or an automated booking
system for example, the problem can multiply tenfold.

Keep On Top Of The Essentials

Good IT isn't
built on high peaks and deep troughs in the yearly budget.  The kind of IT that
makes your business and helps it to grow is built by smart financing and
careful planning.  Great technicians are what makes excellent IT.

Maintaining steady
updates, keeping pace with the latest security, and building your IT as you
build your business keeps you in the driving seat when it matters most.

When IT is planned
and issues are solved before they appear, security becomes cheaper, easier, and
many times more effective.  System upgrades can be planned out months, if not
years in advance so you are never caught unaware.  

Don't let your IT be broken before you take steps to fix it.  Move ahead of the curve and give us a call on 01228 576090 or 01228 217100 so you don't have to find out what your business looks like without IT.

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