Windows 11 is out Today

It's October the 5th, 2021, and Microsoft has launched the latest version of its Windows operating system. Windows 11 will be a free update from version 10, which will be offered to you in the coming months. At this point, we are recommending not updating right away! We can help you if you wish to upgrade as there are a few system requirements need...
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Why Wait to Upgrade to Windows 11 at Home

Do you need to upgrade to Windows 11? Upgrade. Always upgrade. It's a persistent mantra for technology. And, after all, what homeowner doesn't want to have the latest-and-greatest tech available? Still, you may want to wait to upgrade to Windows 11 if you have the Microsoft operating system (OS) in your home. Look at it this way, when software is f...
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5 Ways to Build Small-Business Efficiency with Microsoft 365

 Business productivity needs to be more than a buzzphrase today. Without technology supporting communications and process productivity, remaining competitive is difficult. You'll lack the agility and mobility needed to succeed. This article explores many ways a small business gains efficiency using Microsoft 365. You may already be aware of th...
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The Best Upgrade You Can Do!

solid-state-drive-6158469_640Image by manseok Kim from Pixabay

We don't say this lightly, but if you have a computer or laptop which is running slowly or a few years old you might think you have to replace it. You don’t! There is a better option. All you need to do is upgrade your hard drive to a SSD drive. SSD gives slow machines a new lease of life and we know from experience that it speeds up every machine we have upgraded. Upgrading your computer can normally be done within a day. If you are interested in upgrading your computer, you can email us from this form or ring 01228 576090

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Remote Working with Office 365

Working from home is a big change in an already tumultuous time. Yet there’s a bright side. The quarantine could be your opportunity to reinvent how you work — for the better. Migrating to Microsoft Office 365 has benefits now. Plus, when you’re back to business as usual.

Working with Office 365

Office 365 is the cloud-based version of Microsoft Office. With a subscription, you get both the desktop and online versions of apps you already know. This includes Outlook, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote, SharePoint, Teams, Yammer, and more.

Office 365 enables collaboration in many ways, on desktops, tablets, and smartphones. For example:

  • Outlook — primarily associated with email, but also lets you share notes and files
  • Teams — a hub for instant messaging, video conferencing and calls
  • SharePoint — an internal content management platform. SharePoint lets you customize team sites where you automate workflows and share resources
  • Yammer — a social network connecting all the users in your organization
  • OneDrive — allows users to share and co-author documents securely

Working in Microsoft Word, Excel, Powerpoint and other Office Apps you can collaborate simultaneously. There’s no need to email back and forth. In fact, you can even see different people creating and editing together in real time.

Remote Work with Teams

Microsoft teams at its core is a chat program. But it does so much more. On all your devices, both iOS and Android, Teams allows “channels”. You can have company-wide or small task group channels. Or use a separate channel to instant messaging to a single person.

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Time for What Matters: Essential Windows Shortcuts

The average person spends 90,000 hours at work. These hours can cost us sleep, affect our mood, and cause us to gain weight. Oh, and work can cause stress, too. We can’t give you a “get out of work free” card, but these essential Windows shortcuts will help you save time.

window shortcuts to save time

By gaining efficiency at your computer, you may find you have more time
for what matters. At work, this may be devising new innovations or getting out
in the field. At home, these shortcuts can free up time to play a board game
with the kids or do some gardening with Grandma.

Ctrl + X to Cut

Think about X marking the spot in the text where you want to cut words,
an image, or a URL. Drag your cursor over the selection to highlight the
particular text/table/image/file (or a part of it). If you don’t want it at
all, the cut function is another version of delete. If you want to move the
selection, this is your first step.

Ctrl + V to Paste

With this simple shortcut you can place the information you just cut
(or copied using Ctrl + C) anywhere you want. The important thing to remember
is that the paste function only holds one selection in memory. So, if you cut a
phrase from one place, don’t get distracted by an image you want to copy or
other text to cut. You want to paste what you have first, then go back and copy
or cut the next thing so as not to risk risking losing anything.

Ctrl + Z to Undo

If only this shortcut was available in real life. We could retract that
thing we inadvertently said to Uncle Steve, or take out the salt we put in a
recipe instead of sugar, or avoid leaving the house for the gym without our
running shoes. 

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Windows Update January 2018

We have being asked a few times if this Windows Update it real or fake.

When the update is ready to install you will see a notification like this the update is real.

If you would like us to check just in-case please call 01228 576090

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Windows Vista End-of-Life: What This Means For You

Windows Vista End-of-Life: What This Means For You

The countdown is on for Windows Vista users. On 11th April 2017, Microsoft will cease all support and security patching, just like they did with previous Windows versions. Naturally, you’re rather attached to your current operating system and not exactly leaping for joy at this news!


Unfortunately, the longer your computer goes without an upgrade, the higher the chance of a complete system breach. While you’re watching the count-down and thinking about scheduling an upgrade sometime soon, cyber-criminals are making plans of their own. As time progresses, they’ll actively target out-of-date systems and search for vulnerabilities.

Even the most stalwart Vista user must finally upgrade, as continuing to use it will expose your computer to some pretty confronting risks, including:

Security risks: While Microsoft may have patched the gaps exploited during the Vista lifetime, there are many more just waiting to be discovered. It gets worse: your antivirus program is unlikely to intercept these attacks. Hackers are extremely fast to exploit newly-discovered vulnerabilities and without Microsoft working just as fast to close them, the risk increases exponentially every time you turn the computer on.

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Windows 10 - The Next Big Update Is Here

Microsoft have have released the next big Windows 10 update "Fall Creators Update" and have started to push the update out to Windows 10 computers, This update is very big. There is simply no way to avoid this update.


If you have slow a slow internet connection this update will slow your internet connection down while it tries to download the update.

You have two options; you can let the update come through by itself, or we can do this manually for you and ensure the update is properly configured and installed.

If you would like us to setup and install the Fall Creators update for you, give us a call on 01228 576090.

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Windows XP - Microsoft Ending Support

We have a very important announcement to those of you who use Windows XP on your computer. For those of you who may not have heard, Microsoft Windows XP will soon come to EOL (End of Life) and Microsoft Windows XP support will also stop from Microsoft. This basically means that if your computer is running the Microsoft Windows XP operating system, it will no longer be supported by Microsoft as of April 8th 2014!

In reality, this means that any newly released software is no longer guaranteed to work on your computer. Also after the April 8 2014, there will be NO Microsoft Updates for your computer, leaving your machine more vulnerable and open to infection. It also means that Microsoft will no longer fix bugs and other security problems with the operating system on your computer which means your system will be much more susceptible to viruses and spyware. You will no longer be able to buy a new off the shelf printer or software and expect it to work automatically. Many other newer hardware and software items will no longer work.It is our recommendation that you seriously consider purchasing a replacement machine, sooner rather than later! As authorised Microsoft Refurbishers, we can supply you with a refurbished computer with Windows 7 installed or a brand new computer.We can also help you transfer your data (documents, pictures, music) from your current computer to a replacement machine and set it up for you.

If you have any questions or would like to have a chat about a replacing your current computer, please feel free to call me on 01228 576090 or you can email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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Windows 8.1

The next version of Windows is here!

With Windows 8.1 due to be release today. With a number of changes made. One of the biggest is the Start button is back! But it returns you to the start screen. Menu which was in previous editions of Windows.

If you are currently running Windows 8 you are entitled - it will be available to existing Windows 8 users for free on Windows Upgrade via the Windows store. If you wish to purchase Windows 8.1 you will be able to purchase it from the 18 October.

A few of the change which have being made
  • When you lock your computer it will now show a slideshow of your pictures.
  • Better integration between the desktop and start screen.
  • You can customise the start screen more, with different backgrounds and different size icons (or tiles)
  • A big upgrade of PC Settings which will give you access to all settings which where in Control Panel (before you had to go to the desktop mode and access it from here to see all settings)
  • Internet Explorer 11 will be included
If you would like help to upgrade you PC to Windows 8.1, Please contact us on 01228 576090 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
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Open Office

Open Office

When you start your computer does Open Office start automatically?
This is very simple to fix.

Go to the system tray on your computer, which is normally in the bottom right, next to the clock, you will see several icons, if you hover over them until you find the one called 'Open Office', it looks like the icon circled below.

Once you have found the icon, if you right click on it and left click on 'Load during System Start-Up' to remove the tick from the left hand side.

Once you have clicked to un-tick 'Load during System Start-Up' you will need to restart your computer. When your computer restarts will not start automatically.


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