I don’t want to lose my data when you make repairs. Is it safe?

Your data is perfectly safe. We will make a full backup of all your data before making any complex repairs, but you should still back up the data yourself before bringing the machine in, if at all possible.

What should I bring in? Do you need all parts of the computer?

If it is a laptop or tablet, bring the device and power supply. If it is a tower/PC, you need only bring in the tower itself, not the cords or monitor.

Is Cumbria Computer Repairs Data Protection Act Registered?

Yes. We are fully DPA registered.

Can you repair games consoles like the Xbox, PlayStation or Wii?

I’m sorry, no. We only repair PC and Mac computers, tablets and mobile devices.

Can you work on laser or inkjet printers?

We can certainly have a look at it. Most problems can be fixed with a little maintenance, but today’s printers are not really designed to be repaired.

When are you open?

Our opening hours are from 8:30 am to 6pm every Monday through Friday, and from 9am to 3pm on Saturday.
We are normally closed on Sundays, but we may be able to help. Just be sure to call first, as we may not be in.

Do you have a ‘no fix/no fee’ policy?

Yes, after a fashion. We charge a diagnostic fee of £25 to determine what is wrong with your computer. If we cannot find the problem, we will waive this fee. If you have us fix the problem, then we will waive the fee, and only charge for the repairs. You only actually pay the diagnostic fee if we can fix your machine, but you decide not to have us do it (for example, if repair would cost more than the machine is worth).

How do you charge for upgrades and repairs?

If you bring your computer in to the shop, we will quote you a fixed price for the work, which will vary depending on the difficulty of the work. If we come out to you, all work is charged by the hour, along with a call-out surcharge.

Do you charge for call-out repair or servicing?

Yes, we do have a surcharge for call-out service.

Is your work insured?

Yes. Cumbria Computer Repairs is fully insured, and your computer will be protected if anything should happen to it.

Can you do same day repairs or upgrades?

Yes, but only for work done in the shop, and only if you bring the machine in before 10:30am. We may charge extra for same day service, depending on the complexity of the work.

Can you work on a computer at my home or business?

Yes, we do offer call-out service.

Can I drop my machine off for you to look at later?

Yes, certainly. We only ask that you call before coming in, as we do call-out service and may be out of the office briefly.

How long will my repairs take?

We try to have each job done within 24 hours, but if we need parts that we do not have in stock, it can take longer. If this occurs, we will update you right away with the expected repair time.


All our repairs are covered under a three month warranty. (If hardware have being used they will come with a 1 year warranty unless specified)

Do you accept different forms of payment?

Yes. We take debit and credit cards, PayPal, BACS transfers, personal cheques and of course cash.

Can you build or supply new computers?

Yes. We do not keep new machines in stock, but we can help you find the right machine or build one to your specifications if required.

Can you work on laptops?

Yes, certainly. PC or Mac.

Can I get express/expedited service?

Certainly, though we do have to charge a bit extra for the service. Just ask about express service when you bring your device in.

My laptop screen is cracked/broken. Can you replace it?

Yes, we can replace laptop screens.