Quick Tip No. 33

Phone scams- if you ever receive an unsolicited call from someone saying there is something wrong with your computer, hang up as it will be a scam!

Quick Tip No. 32

Take the hassle out of making your Christmas card list with Word’s Mail Merge tool and address label maker

Quick Tip No. 31

Windows 10- For easy searching in Windows 10, open the start menu and type the name of the document you are searching for.

Quick Tip No. 30

Security-Remember if its to good to be true, it probably is! Hackers will use all kinds of tricks to make you part with your money or personal Information.

Quick Tip No. 29

Security- Never write your passwords down. Always keep your PC locked and never plug in an unknown USB drive.

Quick Tip No. 28

Regularly cleaning and maintaining your printer are essential in ensuring it continues printing high-quality documents for a long time. The difference between leaving your printer on or turning it off is generally insignificant in terms of energy costs. For healthier…

Quick Tip No. 27

Ctrl+F4 is a shortcut key most often used to close a tab or window within a program. If you want to close all tabs and windows and the program use the Alt+F4

Quick Tip No. 26

Windows Snapping- Pressing the Window Key + the left or right arrow keys will make the selected window snap to each side of the monitor.

Quick Tip No. 25

Only do your online banking and shopping from a device and network you own and trust.

Quick Tip No. 24

Remember to regularly check that your antivirus is still up to date..

Quick Tip No. 23

Remember to change your passwords if your accounts are ever hacked.

Quick Tip No. 22

Wondering how old your Windows install is…..? Here is a quick way to find out.

Quick Tip No. 21

-Legit emails from trusted addresses can end up in your spam folder because spam filtering has become more rigorous and aren’t 100% accurate-remember to check on a regular basis so you don’t miss out on important emails.

Quick Tip No. 20

Moving your laptop whilst it is still running can damage any moving parts. Always switch it off before moving around or transporting in a bag etc..

Quick Tip No. 19

An oldie but a goodie! Performing a ‘soft’ reset can solve many PC and internet issues.

Quick Tip No. 18

Quick commands are always good to know!

Quick Tip No. 17

Do you use the same password for multiple logins? Social media, emails, online banking? Amazingly 89% of us do, it’s time to get serious about passwords and if you struggle to remember them all try using a trusted password manager…

Quick Tips No. 16

Do you wrap your charging cables for storage or travel? There’s a chance that you might be doing it wrong. Wrap your cables in a loose loop so that they last as long as possible.