Quick Tip No. 51.

Next time you make a mistake, press Ctrl-Z and all will be undone!

Quick Tip No. 50.

Press the ALT Key + Tab for a nifty way to switch between programmes on your computer.

Quick Tip No. 49

You never know when you may need to get there in a hurry!

Quick Tip No. 48

Did you know Dropbox Basic is free to use?

Quick Tip No. 47

There are a whole host of password managers you can use to save your passwords safe and securely in one place.

Quick Tip No. 46

Did you know the spacebar can also be used for scrolling up and down web pages?

Quick Tip No. 45

Spending a lot of time cutting and pasting? Use these quick commands instead.

Quick Tip No. 44

If you currently don’t have a backup system to protect the files on your computer (something we would advise – Imagine losing all your photos, videos, letters, everything) with a backup these could be safely stored and recovered so you…

Quick Tip No. 43

Adobe stopped supporting Flash Player on December 31, 2020. What does this mean? If you’re using Adobe Flash, the day has arrived. It’s time to uninstall Adobe Flash Player.

Quick Tip No. 42

Charging your laptop often? laptop getting hot or keeps shutting down? it may be time to replace your battery.

Quick Tip No. 22

Wondering how old your Windows install is…..? Here is a quick way to find out.

Quick Tip No. 21

-Legit emails from trusted addresses can end up in your spam folder because spam filtering has become more rigorous and aren’t 100% accurate-remember to check on a regular basis so you don’t miss out on important emails.

Quick Tip No. 20

Moving your laptop whilst it is still running can damage any moving parts. Always switch it off before moving around or transporting in a bag etc..

Quick Tip No. 19

An oldie but a goodie! Performing a ‘soft’ reset can solve many PC and internet issues.

Quick Tip No. 18

Quick commands are always good to know!

Quick Tip No. 17

Do you use the same password for multiple logins? Social media, emails, online banking? Amazingly 89% of us do, it’s time to get serious about passwords and if you struggle to remember them all try using a trusted password manager…

Quick Tips No. 16

Do you wrap your charging cables for storage or travel? There’s a chance that you might be doing it wrong. Wrap your cables in a loose loop so that they last as long as possible.

Quick Tip No. 15

This is a frustrating formatting issue when it happens, but there is a quick fix!