With almost half of firms in the UK experiencing some form of internet security breach in the last year*, the need to protect your business has never been greater. Our Managed Internet Security service is here to protect you from the ever-changing cyber threats that are out there.

Protecting you from the latest threats

The effects of a cyber attack on smaller businesses can be devastating. From the reputational damage of a loss of data to downtime while nasty viruses are removed, there are many ways security breaches can impact your company. To protect you, we use some of the very best, cutting-edge cyber security and anti-virus software available to monitor and manage any threats to your computer systems. We update software regularly to make sure you are protected from the latest malware. With tailored support for laptops, desktops and servers, we make sure all your devices are protected, no matter what the environment.

Cost-effective, hassle-free support

With our Managed Internet Security service, there’s no need for you to take further action. It’s a hassle-free service that means you can relax and know that your IT systems are secure. What’s more, in the unlikely event of a virus getting past our security system, we’ll remove it free.

At just £4 a month per computer, our Managed Internet Security service is a cost-effective way to protect you and your business.

AntiVirus Software in Carlisle

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We're also able to carry out a free diagnosis before any repair work is undertaken, and our No Fix No Fee policy means if we can’t fix your computer you don’t pay us a penny!