Frequently Asked Questions


Do you have a ‘no fix/no fee’ policy?
Yes, after a fashion. We charge a diagnostic fee of £25 to determine what is wrong with your computer. If we cannot find the problem, we will waive this fee. If you have us fix the problem, then we will waive the fee, and only charge for the repairs. You only actually pay the diagnostic fee if we can fix your machine, but you decide not to have us do it (for example, if repair would cost more than the machine is worth).
I don’t want to lose my data when you make repairs. Is it safe?

Your data is perfectly safe. We will make a full backup of all your data before making any complex repairs, but you should still back up the data yourself before bringing the machine in, if at all possible.

My laptop screen is cracked/broken. Can you replace it?
Yes, we can replace laptop screens.