Oh no… not another video call… but actually it’ll help your team

Posted on February 25th, 2021

When did you last see each member of your team, face to face? With everything as it is, it’s probably been some time. But are you still keeping in touch?

social distancing
Social distancing does not mean you have to be alone with today’s technology.

Motivation is key to getting a job done well. So if any of your people are feeling invisible or overlooked, they may not be working as efficiently as they normally do.

Equally, it could be affecting their mental health, too.

We recommend you schedule regular video meetings with your team both as a group, and individually as well.

Don’t forget that coaching, development, and performance reviews shouldn’t grind to a halt just because you’re not all in your usual office.

Utilise Zoom, or Microsoft Teams and get talking. Managing your team has never been as important as it is now.

And remember that you should encourage your people to be speaking to each other too. The social aspect of a job is a big part of why people enjoy what they do. So don’t expect them to only communicate if the work requires it.

We’ve all been getting creative with virtual quizzes, pub nights, and other fun and games via video conference. That doesn’t have to stop.

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