COVID19 / Coronavirus

Posted on March 16th, 2020

During the COVID19 outbreak, we are taking extra measures to make sure the health and I and you are not affected 

All devices and fully cleaned on arrival and before we hand it back to you.

The credit card terminal will also we cleaned before and after use (just in case)

The workshop door is pined open so you won’t need to touch the handle (again just in case)

We will also be wear gloves as another form of protection (again just in case)

We are also able to offer contactless dropoff of the devices into the workshop

A lot of the repairs we will be able to carry out remotely so you won’t need to leave the house if you want to use this service please give us a call.

If you need a refurbished laptop or desktop, keyboard, mouse, USB stick, etc, so you can work from home we have these in stock as well.