Easily Back Up your Photos with Google+

Posted on December 19th, 2013

If you are look for a really simple way to backup pictures you have taken on your Anroid phone. You can use the Google+ App when your phone updates the photos they are all sorted in a private album so nobody else can see them.


How to get it

You First Need a Gmail or Google Apps Account

You need to download the Google+ App from the Google Play store

Once you have installed the app, sign into your account.

Open the Google+ App and go to ‘Settings’

Select Camera & Photos, now Tap on ‘Auto-Backup’ and make sure it is turned on in the top right’ and that’s it!

Next time you take a photos it will be backed automatically to Google +

To view your photos.

Go the Google+ Website and hover over the ‘Home Icon’ the left hand side and a navigation menu will appear move down and left click on ‘Photos’ and the photos you have backed up will be displayed, if you would like to view just the Auto-Backup, left click on ‘More’ and then left click on ‘Auto-Backup’