Activating the redesigned Gmail Inbox

Posted on November 19th, 2013

Getting your emails under control

Google has just released a new version of their Gmail inbox. The new design is designed to help you manage your email quicker. By creating different tabs for email. So all Social media items are in one tab, promotions is another, updates in another, forum related posts in another and the important emails in primary.



Gmail will filter your email into these tabs.

  • Primary These emails will be from people you have in your address book.
  • Social For emails for social media sites you might have accounts with like Twitter, Facebook, Google Plus
  • Promotions These will normally be from online retailers who you have purchased items from for example, Amazon, eBay and Tescos.
  • Updates These are normally newsletters= and updates on items you have ordered.
  • Forums Updates from forums that you are a member of.

If an email is wrongly moved to a tab or another email needs move to a tab, right click on the email, go to ‘Move to Tab’ and left click on the tab you would like to move the email too. You can also do this by right clicking chose to achieve an email, Delete it or mark it as read or unread.

To activate the new email inbox

  • How do I get the new email Gmail Inbox?
  • Login into Gmail
  • Click on the settings cog in the top right
  • Left click on ‘Configure Inbox’
  • Select the tabs you want to use and click Save