Backup, Backup and Backup your Documents!

Posted on August 28th, 2013

Tips for Backing Up Your Documents

If you’re looking at backing up your documents to protect against loss, we’d recommend backing up to an external USB drive, as well as to DVD. You can use CD’s, but DVD’s will hold a lot more data.

If your computer only has one hard drive, it would be very inadvisable to back up to this drive, even if it has been participated (split in two – not literally), because if the hard drive fails or develops a fault, your backup and data could be lost.

How can you tell how many hard drives you have in your computer? If you have a laptop it will only have one hard drive. In some very rare cases laptops might have two hard drives, but this would have been specified when you purchased it. If you have a desktop computer bought from a high street store, your computer is most likely to only have one hard drive. Second hard drives can easily be fitted to desktop computers; if your computer was custom-built and it was defined when built, it should have two hard drives.

When backing up it is advisable to have more than one backup kept in different places. Backups could be made to a second hard drive which could be fitted to your computer, an external hard drive, USB flash drive, a NAS (network attached storage, which is a box that plugs into your router and has hard drives in it), or you could backup to the cloud.

If you’re unsure when you last backed up your documents, do it today!

If you’re looking for a backup solution, we can help build a solution for your requirements. From backing up to an external hard drive, USB drive, or to the cloud.

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