Disabling in App Purchase

Posted on June 5th, 2013

With the rise of news story’s about how children have managed to spend larges amounts of money via in app purchases while playing games. To help avoid it’s possible to turn off in-app purchases

With many apps for your tablet or smartphone, replying on the in app purchases to make their money.

Whether it’s in-game currency to help you buy upgrades, unlockable videos or magazine back issues, in-app purchases can be great: until your child gets hold of your smartphone. Then the bills can mount up.



To disable in app purchases on an Android devices.

Open the Google Play Store App,Tap on Menu, then Settings, under the heading called User Controls you will see an option called ‘Set or change PIN tap this, you will then be asked to enter a PIN code and then confirm the pin code.

You should then be taken back to the main menu screen, under the heading ‘User Controls’ you will need to tap o the check box called ‘Use PIN for purchases; This should now protect your tablet, unless the person using it knows the PIN code.


Apple iOS

To disable in app pruchaes on Apple iOS.

Click on the Settings Icon.


Once in settings if you tap on ‘General’ from the left hand side and thentap on ‘Restrictions’ opn the right hand side on the screen.


If you might have ”Enable Restrictions” If so tap on ”Enable Restrictions”


You will then need to enter a 4 digit pin code to protect your account.


You will then need to confirm the pin code


You now need to go down to ”Allowed Content’ menu, slide ‘In app purchases’ to ‘Off’. This will stop any in app purchases.


This should now protect your tablet, unless the person using it knows the PIN code.