What If You Lost all your Files?

Posted on March 31st, 2013

When was the last time you backed up your documents, pictures, music and other important files?

Just think about all the precious baby videos, financial documents, letters, business emails and wedding photos you have on your computer that could be lost if they’re not backed up.

Backing up of files is very easy once it has been set up. There are numerous different ways this can be done, all depending on what is to be backed up and the level of protection you would like to have against losing data. The best protection you can have is multiple backups, kept on different hard drives and DVDs. Backing up your files to the cloud is also a great way in case your computer is stolen. Some solutions you can even set up to notify you via email that a backup has been completed or it has failed.

Backing up your files once a year is NOT often enough to protect your data. Backing up your files should happen weekly, monthly, or maybe even daily  especially if you run a business. You should be backing up your data daily and keeping a copy on-site, possibly via the cloud, to protect your data.

To help protect your data we’re offering a special price on Cloud Backup. Until 7 April 2013 the package will give you unlimited space for one year for the one-off price of £20.13.

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And remember: Backup, Backup and Backup!