Technology Predictions for 2013

Posted on January 1st, 2013

So 2012 is slowly becoming a distant memory and yet another year is starting, We have made a few technology predictions for 2013 on things which we expect to happen.


  • Cloud Services will continue to grow and become a bigger part of day to day life, proving a seamless experience between internet devices.
  • Microsoft will gain more of the smart phone market with their range of smart-phones running W8.
  • Security will be a big thing in 2013 from virus infection will continue to grow which effect your computer, tablet and smart-phone. Also, passwords will become more important to have a complex password, which consists of upper-case and lower-case letters, numbers and symbols and a minimum length of eight characters, preferably around twelve or more.
  • 4G will continue to be rolled out across the UK giving fast mobile internet speeds on your smart-phones and tablets.
  • BT will slowly continue it’s rolled out over fibre optic connections over the UK, But will announce that they are going to be able to do the whole of the UK on time and will be over budget.
  • Websites will move away from using Adobe Flash and more and more will be using HTML5, which will enable websites to work on smart-phones and tablet as they were designed too.
  • We fully expect Apple to launch a range of new devices, from a iPhone 5S and possible an iPhone 6, iPad Mini Retina Display, as well as a thinner, faster ‘normal’ size iPad.
  • In Q3/Q4 2013 we expect to see the start of the release of 3D televisions. Which don’t require you to wear those silly glasses instead they will have a film on them which will make the picture 3D.
  • We expect Google to release a range of new smart-phones and tablets, to compete with Apple and take a bigger percentage of the market.
  • While it’s being around for a few year’s wireless charging will become mainstream and come built in to devices; which will save power when charging your devices as it will stop when fully charged and reduce your energy use.


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