Shutdown Button

Posted on August 20th, 2012

Would you like to be able to shutdown your computer, with a simple click instead a several?

Well here is how you do it.


Step 1


Right click on your desktop and then go down to new and click on the word “shortcut”.


Step 2



In the box labelled “type the location of the item:” type “shutdown -f -s -t 00” (zero zero and no quotation marks).


Step 3

Now click next, make sure the box below “Type a name for this shortcut:” says “Shut Down” and click finish.


Step 4


Step 5

Now right click on the shutdown button you have just created, click on properties on the drop down menu and on the ‘shortcut’ tab click ‘change icon’


Step 6

Click ok


Step 7

Select an icon for your Shutdown button; usually, people normally use the icon highlighted in the picture below.

Now click ok,


Step 8

Click ok.


Step 9


Your shutdown icon will now work.