How to Save a File as a PDF

Posted on August 1st, 2012

To convert a file to a PDF please follow the instructions below.

To Download

Go to


Download the free version (it will take you to to download this file – this is safe) now click download (again)

Once downloaded, you will need to locate your download, in most web browsers there is an option to view downloaded files; from here you can click run or open to start the installer.


To Install

When installing PrimoPDF if asked if you wish to install another program like this:


Choose the option to not install any more programmes.

When ‘Product Registration’ appears, click next to skip.

Once the program is installed, please restart your computer. :

To Convert Files

There a two ways to convert the files to a PDF a quick way and a longer way. Both are described below.

The Quick Easy Way

You can drop the file you wish to convert onto the ‘PrimoPDF – Drop Files Here to Convert!’ which is an icon located on the desktop.


The file will appear in the same location before.


The Long Way


Open the file you wish to covert and go to File, Print, Select ‘PrimoPDF’


Click Print



<PIC 5 >

Click ‘Create PDF


Then Select where you would like to save it.

In the box label ‘File Name:’ type a name you wish to use to identify the file.

Finally, Click Save and the file will convert to a PDF